I visited a cardiologist by the name of Clifford Morris, MD because I passed out at home. My primary doctor was concerned about my heart. Dr. Morris scheduled me for blood tests and procedures and they were negative. It turns out that I was severely dehydrated. Dr. Morris was concerned about my cholesterol level, which had been trending up over the last five years. I didn’t understand, after all, “I ate a lot of chicken, I explained. “If you knew what they did to chickens you will never eat another chicken again,” he explained. That was the beginning of my introduction to Lifestyle Medicine and its benefits. Before I left his office, Dr. Morris ask me to “transition towards a whole foods plant base eating pattern. I began my transition in 2021. Now two years later, my cholesterol is normal and my chronic disorder, ‘cluster headaches,’ have been cured!

Charlmain Johnson Patient


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