6 Pillars of Walk Towards Health

Walk Towards Health, a public charity, will introduce the Hanover, Virginia community to the Lifestyle Medicine specialty. My clients will be taught how modifying their lifestyle without medications can prevent, treat, and reverse common chronic diseases many Americans suffer from. The areas of focus will be physical activity, abstaining from harmful substances, eating predominant plant based meals, participating in activities to reduce stress, and connecting with nature and people.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” -Ann Wigmore

EDUCATE the community through INSTRUCTION/DEMONSTRATION on how lifestyle modifications prevent, treat, and reverse common chronic conditions.


William Dabney Winston & Nannie Ella Bradley

When her daughter, my MOM (left Virginia to live with her husband in Baltimore, MD), my grandmother said, “Be careful, they eat food that comes from boxes.”

My grandfather was a farmer. He raised cows, and pigs. He had a mule and chickens. He and others in the community of Ashland built the barn behind his house. He farmed vegetables from the land and taught his sons, my uncles the same craft.

Problems Worth Solving

Fallacy about animal vs plan nutrition

The belief that only animal products can provide all essential nutrients for human health, ignoring the wide range of nutrients available in plant-based sources.

Weak immune system

A weak immune system refers to a compromised or impaired ability of the body's natural defense system to effectively protect against pathogens and diseases.

Debilitating disease and premature death

Debilitating diseases can lead to significant impairment of physical or mental function, greatly reducing quality of life and increasing the risk of premature death.

Chronic stress

Refers to prolonged or ongoing exposure to psychological or physiological stressors, which can have negative impacts on physical and mental health.

Salt, sugar, fat, and caffeine addiction

Refers to the excessive and compulsive consumption of these substances, leading to dependency, cravings, and potential negative health consequences.

Our membership consists of healthcare professionals who specialize in treating, reversing, and preventing chronic diseases through lifestyle modifications.